Tour USA Duo AttemaHaring

From the 24th of March I am touring Oklahoma and Texas with Duo AttemaHaring! With help of Paul Compton of Oklahoma State University we managed to organize a tour. I am very much looking forward to bring our repertoire to the USA and to meet a few befriended trombonists again. Below you will find a global schedule of the tour.

25-03 till 28-03 Oklahoma state University
on invitation of Paul Compton
26-03 University of Oklahoma
on invitation of Irv Wagner
30-03 on invitation of Jon Bohls
02&03-04 University of North-Texas
on invitation of Jan & Vern Kagarice
05-04 Fort Worth Trombone Summit
on invitation of David Begnoche

Paul & Lanet Compton after our duo recital on Trombonanza

Paul and Lanet Compton